Letting Go of Yesterday.

The time has come.  When the shell has been broken, there is no way of putting it back together again.  With changing seasons, it would be madness and futility itself, to attempt to hold on to what has been – only what is remains.

This blog will no longer be updated, please refer to the new blog at this address:


My path is now one of love.  Join me and we will travel home, together.

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The 1-In-100 Warrior Award

Miro awarded me the 1-in-100 Warrior Award (you can see this here: The 1-in-100 Warrior Award ).

Here, I share his words about what he sees in me:

“My nomination for the first 1-in-100 Warrior Award is a person who has inspired me greatly because of the grace she has chosen to display in the face of struggles and challenges she has endured and conquered. And make no mistake about it, grace is always a choice, not a reaction. The greater the challenge, the greater the courage required to make that choice. Suneetra is courage personified. She has chosen to not only survive her hardships, but thrive. She’s 1-in-100, and we are lucky to have her: https://sacrilegeofthegoddess.wordpress.com/

I wrote a response to Miro, that I would like to share here, because I wrote it sincerely from my heart:

“Miro, I am so touched by your recognition.

I have walked my path alone for so many years, having carried with me the memories of a life lived in pain. I have been sexually abused, raped, neglected and threatened with murder – but I always found within me, this unknown energy to keep going. I wanted to live. I wanted to love. I wanted to be loved.

Today, as I walk my path, I am no longer alone. My feet are no longer bruised and worn out, my shoulders no longer weighed down with burden. I live. I love. I am loved. That unknown energy still is within me, it still keeps me going. Where it was once merely the tiniest flicker of light, now it is a full-blown, all-consuming fire. Every person who has supported me on my journey; every person who has walked alongside me with my hand in theirs; every person who assisted the transformation of that abused child into the woman I am now, has helped that fire grow. You have been one of them. Through your inspirational words and belief in a better tomorrow, you have helped the fire grow. This fire now lights my path in the darkness that engulfs the lives of other survivors of abuse and rape. This fire now radiates a warmth that removes the chills of memories past, for others who are seeking a life free of pain. This fire now illuminates both myself and those who have joined hands with me so greatly, that others in the darkness can see the flames, even if from a distance it might seem like the tiniest flicker of light, as it once seemed to me.

This fire has a name. HOPE.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me, Miro.”

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Junk People by Miro

Junk People

I have had to leave behind the people who were draining me, pulling me down.  Yes, there was some guilt, but I would have felt greater guilt had I allowed them to continue holding me away from my dreams.

Sometimes you may feel the path you have chosen is a lonely one.  It is better to be lonely and journeying towards an end goal, then to be part of a group that is without an aim, as you hurtle down the passage of time rapidly towards your death.

The mind is your garden.  Tend to it well and it will yield a harvest of the most celebrated flowers.

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Review in Unews

The Power of Dance

This was a review of the premiere of Sacrilege of the Goddess on the 14th of January, written by Delia Macpherson for Unews.

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The First Taste of Success

On the 14th of January, I savoured the first taste of success on the journey of the Sacrilege of the Goddess.

When I first stepped on stage, it was all dark and my heart was calm.  Stage fright and anxiety have no place in the heart that is fulfilling its own dreams.  I was not afraid of judgement, I was not looking for approval – I was only telling a story that had to be told, to break the silence surrounding rape and sexual abuse.  During the hour-long dance, though I was the only dancer on stage, I felt very much not alone.  Silently, I knew that other survivors were dancing alongside me, their shadows mixing in with my own on the black floor of the stage.  On stage, I was not Suneetra, I was not a dancer, I was not rape survivor – I was a message.  I became the message of my life.

Not a word from the audience, not a sound broke the silence, until the end of the dance.  As I reached both my hands skyward to clasp them together in namaste, the audience stood to its feet.  The musicians, SuryaChandra and I, stood to receive the standing ovation.  The standing ovation was for the message.  Every clap, brought us one step closer to breaking the stigma of rape.

Thank you for all your support, care and encouragement.  Human beings are capable of great good.  I believe this; I know this.  Together, we can create a better tomorrow.

The photos of the premiere are on Sacrilege of the Goddess’s Facebook page if you would like to see these –



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Healing steps – in the Halifax news, The Coast, today

Suneetra Karam Singh fights the stigma of rape with her new dance performance.

via Healing steps.

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One week to go!

I am finally here – one week left to the premiere of Sacrilege of the Goddess in Halifax, Nova Scotia at the Neptune Theatre.  The whole day has been filled with intense practice with the band SuryaChandra, an ensemble of exceptional people who are doing with their instruments what I do with my hands and feet – giving voice to the voiceless multitude of rape survivors.

It feels like I am standing on the edge of a cliff – at the brink of realizing the first of a million steps towards my end goal, which is still so far in the distance I can barely see it lurking above the horizon. What is the end goal?

It’s not to break the stigma of rape.  It’s not to participate in the empowering of men, women and children who are survivors of rape and sexual abuse.  It’s not a tomorrow free of rape.

These are all merely milestones in the journey towards the end goal.

The end goal is a tomorrow in which we as humans are fully aware of the power we hold over ourselves and the world around us due to our capacity for intelligence.  With this awareness, the burden of responsibility will permeate our every thought and action.  We will collectively and consciously create the world in which we live, to ensure the greatest benefit and the least hurt for all.

I know the pain of hunger and the sting of rape.  I am familiar with the heavy hand of abuse and the light dismissal of the effects of it.  I have tasted powerlessness and slept with despair.  All of these were the effects of the people around me succumbing to the delights of abusing their power.  If they had thought through their actions, they could create a different world.  If we all thought through our actions, we could create a different world.

The human being is capable of great evil, but even more poignant, is the fact that the human being is capable of great good.

I am participating in the evolution of humanity.  This is the work of my life.  The time is right.  The time is right now.

One week to the first step.  I hope to see you there.

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