The 1-In-100 Warrior Award

Miro awarded me the 1-in-100 Warrior Award (you can see this here: The 1-in-100 Warrior Award ).

Here, I share his words about what he sees in me:

“My nomination for the first 1-in-100 Warrior Award is a person who has inspired me greatly because of the grace she has chosen to display in the face of struggles and challenges she has endured and conquered. And make no mistake about it, grace is always a choice, not a reaction. The greater the challenge, the greater the courage required to make that choice. Suneetra is courage personified. She has chosen to not only survive her hardships, but thrive. She’s 1-in-100, and we are lucky to have her:

I wrote a response to Miro, that I would like to share here, because I wrote it sincerely from my heart:

“Miro, I am so touched by your recognition.

I have walked my path alone for so many years, having carried with me the memories of a life lived in pain. I have been sexually abused, raped, neglected and threatened with murder – but I always found within me, this unknown energy to keep going. I wanted to live. I wanted to love. I wanted to be loved.

Today, as I walk my path, I am no longer alone. My feet are no longer bruised and worn out, my shoulders no longer weighed down with burden. I live. I love. I am loved. That unknown energy still is within me, it still keeps me going. Where it was once merely the tiniest flicker of light, now it is a full-blown, all-consuming fire. Every person who has supported me on my journey; every person who has walked alongside me with my hand in theirs; every person who assisted the transformation of that abused child into the woman I am now, has helped that fire grow. You have been one of them. Through your inspirational words and belief in a better tomorrow, you have helped the fire grow. This fire now lights my path in the darkness that engulfs the lives of other survivors of abuse and rape. This fire now radiates a warmth that removes the chills of memories past, for others who are seeking a life free of pain. This fire now illuminates both myself and those who have joined hands with me so greatly, that others in the darkness can see the flames, even if from a distance it might seem like the tiniest flicker of light, as it once seemed to me.

This fire has a name. HOPE.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me, Miro.”

About Suneetra Karam Singh

Suneetra is a multi-faceted incarnation of the divine - dancer, singer, curry specialist, writer, teacher - here on earth to radiate LOVE to all around.
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4 Responses to The 1-In-100 Warrior Award

  1. After survival and recovery, you are coming to the stage of rape Transcendence- growing beyond where you were before.

  2. The sincerity in your messages has always sounded so clearly to me. I have felt your pain, your trepidation, your phoenix rising from the ashes. I have read the review of your first performance, and felt the triumph of your heart in those words. Your devotion to a life of justice is an inspiration, not because you caused others to fall, to serve time, but because you have risen above depravity through grace … Blessings on your continued journey, Always — gs

  3. Miro says:

    Such an inspiring post. May your passionate fire burn always, sister warrior. I’m honored to walk beside you in your journey of strength and courage.
    Peace & grace,

  4. granbee says:

    Bless you for your fire shedding light on ALL of our pathways, sacrilegeofthegoddess!

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